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Thank you, so much man you are so amazing btw a really good font that you can use is courier new and it makes it look good and takes up a lot of space just saying think about using it. Cambria looks exactly like Times New Roman but is slightly larger which will make it still look like it is in MLA format. Some of them I deduct points for. Others I will return an essay ungraded for. You know what is an even better idea?

Write to the actual demands of the assignment. Some instructors know some of these tricks. But it would be a far cry to say that all instructors look for all of these. Good Job Jim! Congrats on killing the creativity of the nation and forcing students to suffer through your class by making them meet arbitrary standards that teach them to use fluffy jargon instead of clear concise points! Pat yourself on the back Jim!

How to double space your paper Native american creation myth essay

You can also hit enter a couple times in the header sections, which effectively makes each page start a couple lines farther down. Thx this is a great advice. I have to write a paper for civics and i will totally use this!!!!!! Some of the best advice I have ever received on increasing page length of an essay, is to go through each paragraph, and try to find a way to add words so that the last line just barely word-wraps. What I mean is that the last line of each paragraph should have only 1 or 2 words.

This makes a huge difference, especially if you have a lot of paragraphs. I just finished a page paper for a test and this has really helped. One other thing I recommend is adding a space before and after each paragraph.

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These tips helped! Your email address will not be published. Jacob Binstein Technology Solutions Expert. Hector Sanchez in reply to Amanda Doretti on March 10th, , pm. Anon in reply to Hector Sanchez on January 20th, , pm. Jacob Binstein in reply to Anon on January 21st, , am.

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  • Some guy in reply to Amanda Doretti on December 16th, , am. COOL2 on June 17th, , pm. Char on October 16th, , pm. This helped me so much!!! Pigeon on February 7th, , pm. Nichole Herrin on April 17th, , pm. Mar on April 25th, , pm. But I love you. Gwen on May 15th, , pm. Boof on May 15th, , pm. Suchakree Boonyang on June 3rd, , pm. I was struggling to write 10 pages of term paper. Thank you for the tips!!!! Tamashi in reply to Suchakree Boonyang on December 10th, , pm.

    3 Ways to Double Space - wikiHow

    I can barely write 5 wow Reply. Ben on August 11th, , pm. Thank you!! Kassidy Young on December 1st, , pm. You sir are amazing.

    How Many Pages is 250 Words?

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    • Rvaj on May 17th, , pm. Gray on July 1st, , pm. Hairy on August 16th, , pm. I love you. Ash on August 30th, , pm. You are amazing, this helped me so much, Thank you Reply. Travis on September 20th, , pm. If your page is a little too long, try changing the font to Garamond, it looks the same as Time New Roman, but is smaller Reply. Halley on October 20th, , pm. Miranda on October 28th, , pm.

      Noima Sors on November 18th, , pm. Spence on November 22nd, , pm. Anni on November 30th, , pm. Arial looks to be larger than Times New Roman and is a standard looking font Reply. Derrrrrrr on December 16th, , am.

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      Useful… very useful… although I turn my work in electronically, my teacher allows this stuff, because he used this kind of thing in school Reply. Clutch on January 19th, , pm. John Doe on January 23rd, , pm. Another thing that might help is to have more paragraph breaks. Kareem on February 2nd, , pm. Thxs so much man ur a life saver! ALTO on February 27th, , pm. Donut on March 6th, , am. Lilianna on March 27th, , pm. Thx Jacob! This is so helpful! Shaka on April 14th, , am. Sblvd on April 16th, , pm. Brent Smith on April 21st, , pm. RJ on April 27th, , am.

      Meg on May 21st, , pm. Franky on May 31st, , am. M on September 4th, , pm. Schuyler on September 16th, , pm. Olive Stem on October 17th, , pm. Bob on October 20th, , pm.

      1200 word essay page length

      Steven Bates on November 15th, , am. JM on February 20th, , am. Jerry Davis on February 26th, , pm. SA on April 16th, , pm. Austin Dunaway on April 18th, , am. This man has saved me on around 50 essays and will continue saving me. Tank you Jacob Binstein. Thanks m8 Reply.