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Social media become an important part of their life and virtual communities created with the help of and within social media play an important part in the development of socio-cultural norms and standards that affect the development of basic ethical and cultural norms of people and influence their lifestyle substantially. YouTube has become a highly influential media which is extremely popular among users worldwide.

Essay on Social Media

Today, YouTube has millions or even billions of users worldwide. This is one of the most popular social media along with FaceBook, Twitter and others. The popularity of YouTube is closely intertwined with the publishing opportunity offered by the social media because users can publish their videos both documentary and featured ones. In such a way, users get ample opportunities to share their videos instantly. At the same time, the distinct feature of YouTube is its perfomrability because it is the performativity of videos that attracts users and the more performable a video is the more users will watch it, the more popular it becomes.

Even though YouTube focuses on sharing videos mainly, the social media still opens wide opportunities for users to share their creative ideas and make them performable.

The Role of Television in Our Life

Users may be driven by different concerns, while publishing their videos and sharing information with others. Some of them may be willing to publishing some interesting facts recorded by them in the real world, while others manifest their creativity with the help of YouTube. YouTube allows watching diverse videos and channels which may vary in their content.

However, the popularity of videos determines their availability to the audience that influences the perception of information by the audience.

Essay on Social Media: Effects, Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages

For instance, the video that has the highest number of views becomes more and more popular and becomes mainstream, even though in its essence the video may have little cultural value or poor messages Warr In fact, the point is to make videos performable. The overwhelming majority of users publishing their videos on YouTube are concerned with the popularity of their videos than their content. Such a competition encourages users to focus on performativity of their videos above all. What makes YouTube really popular and mainstream social media is its performativity because the audience receive what it wants and expects from the media, the performance, the show and entertainment with the possibility of the further communication and even interaction with other users of YouTube.

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For instance, users publishing the video on YouTube may expect the positive feedback from other users. If they receive a negative feedback, they may become interested in creating a new video to match the public interests.

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  4. In such a way, videos become more and more performable to gain the positive feedback from the part of other users watching them on YouTube. However, often the quantity of views determines the popularity of videos in YouTube and users erroneously associate the quality of the video with the number of views.

    In other words, they may believe that if the video has a large number of views, than it is good and mainstream. Before leaving home for the day some of us check and reply our e-mails like we used to see our mail boxes.

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    Some of us even log on to our favorite sites for news and information. After getting ready the moment we hit the road we are bombarded by hoardings, banners, stickers, and bill boards cajoling and coaxing us to do this and not to do that. Those of us who travel by car immediately tune in to the FM and get a fresh dose of information education and entertainment.

    In our college or workplace we are fed lot more information through books, CDs, notes and lectures. After the class or office we may decide to go for a film and get into a make believe world around us. A running TV channel greets us on returning home and we are so tired that we just collapse into a sofa or bed to see whatever is being shown.