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The most important part in writing of gun control research paper is careful planning, editing, and proofreading. Start with good topic idea and outline, be sure that thesis holds clear position. Speech style and writing should not be dual in perception. At times they can be intertwined, therefore, end paragraphs with analysis of each claim.

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As we know, the best way to learn is by example! With this thought in mind, we provide original argumentative essay on arms limitation laws. It might be barely possible to find individual who would not be ready to debate on gun control topic in the United States. No matter what your take on this issue may be, it is one of three most discussed topics in country after national security and turbulent economics.

Now, regulations in terms of weapons are different in every country, which makes it important to research this topic and take only the best and most suitable practices for American citizens. Due to all debates and even false understanding of the Amendments and laws, I did research on gun control laws different points of view before coming to conclusion and making argument of my own point. Standing against restrictions and believing in necessity of fewer laws on arms limitation, I base my essay and opinion on three main factors, which are personal safety of the U.

The main reason why I stand for lesser gun control in the United States is a daily worsening crime situation in country that affects criminals and casual citizens differently. Such situation makes it extremely important for every citizen to be able to defend himself or herself.


From one side, we can see that there are mentally disturbed or simply aggressive individuals who get access to weapons due to weak laws, yet from other side when stricter law is implemented, it affects only casual citizens. The stricter law forces law-abiding citizens to remain unprotected in face of increasing violence with no tools or regulations to defend themselves Squyres et al.

It leads to a conclusion that a person has to be protected at a personal level and have a legal right to carry a weapon in terms of a personal safety. Whether it means that a well-regulated law should be flexible or restricted is still an issue of controversy. Another reason is that a stricter gun control puts an extra strain on personal weapon purchases. Namely, if an individual holds a gun legally, one should not fear.

However, with stricter arms limitation than what it currently is, a potential criminal will choose illegal weapon acquisition sources. Increased arms reduction will only shift focus of criminals towards new ways to bypass law by finding new types of violations due to an increased mental and legislative pressure Braga Eventually, it also affects individual privacy and rights. I believe that it is necessary to re-evaluate and analyze existing arms reduction laws to allow transparent monitoring of existing weapon holders, allowing people to choose their own privacy levels.

Stricter limitations will only lead to revealing of private information for the third parties, which is a privacy violation. Those who speak out for stricter gun control laws mention obvious dangers of weapons and increased cases of violence. While it is logical, stricter reduction are not likely to decrease dangers per se. Law itself cannot control when weapon will shoot and cannot control accidents directly. It is work of prevention measures and social services that make a difference. There should be legal procedures that relate to an issue of gun control.

As an example, basic safety rules, schools education, social work, and a control of existing circulation of weapons. What government should focus on is control of overly publicized image of weapons, which relates to what audience sees and reads in media Branca Written assignment essay sample. Mike essay alliance ne. Mars colony essay.

Outstanding Gun Control Essay: 10 Catchy Titles + 5 Latest Sources

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Essay on gun control

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Criminal law homework

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Gun Control Essay Example

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