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You are helping this twitter echo system by highlighting best practices on your blog, and helping to make all of us more effective in business and personally. I also agree with Gabriel who commented earlier that it really takes understanding that business and what will work for them.

Social Media is not a silver bullet. But, in the hands of knowledgeable people like yourself, it can be quite powerful! Thanks Christopher. I like to think that social media is sort of like nuclear energy. If harnessed, it can be clean and with little effort provide powerful resorts. This is a very simple platform. Your strategy should take about 30 minutes to come up with :. Hi Patrick — and everyone!!

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6 Surprising B2B Facebook Marketing Case Studies

Comments Whenever I start a Twitter marketing for a company, I would encourage them to listen first. Long live Twitter! Hi Christine, A social media strategy requires a lot of moving pieces and will be different for each company. HCL did an amazing job with their STinsights chat by inviting influential panelists and by using well designed imagery to bring more attention to the chat. A big thank you to all the panelists and those who joined us for this Tweetchat today. Hollywood has had decades to perfect the art of storytelling.

There is a reason a new superhero or zombie movie comes out every other year. They always seem to have the same characters and storylines, yet millions of people flock to theaters every year to go see these flicks.

Maersk: defining a B2B social media strategy

Can you apply one of your favorite movie categories to your B2B social media marketing campaigns? MarketStar does this with great success through the story of Zombie Leads! Social media marketers normally add CTAs to the text of the post and then use a generic image to accompany the post. Qubole takes it one step further in their campaign by designing an image that includes a big and simple CTA.

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Most social media users are quickly scrolling their feeds and looking at images first. Including the CTA in the image will guarantee more clickthroughs and conversions. Qubole gets extra credit for this one as they included the logo of their webinar partner Amazon Web Services to gain even more social proof in the post. Many B2B markets have organizations and associations that have already built a massive amount of trust and credibility with your audience. Build relationships with these influencers and then be sure to mention them in your social media campaigns.

The Facebook family of apps for connecting people and businesses.

As marketers, we sometimes forget that social media is about people. Since the early days of Facebook, social networks have been all about sharing pictures of friends, family and the people in our lives. Events and conferences tend to be the lifeblood of B2B marketing. A huge cadre of industry professionals get together to discuss the latest trends, vendors and strategies. Of course, massive amounts of content are generated but not everybody is able to make it. Acquisio does a great job using these campaigns to gain visibility for their brand from the events they have attended.

In fact, social media and event marketing go hand-in-hand in more ways than promotion and visibility. Using the event hashtag to target leads can help increase the ROI of event sponsorship budgets — or even save the cost of sponsorship altogether! Dynamic Signal did this with a personalized event follow up strategy. Your brand is yourself when it comes to B2B consulting. Growing a social presence as an individual instead of a brand allows you to be more honest and thought provoking than typical brands on social media.

Social Media ROI for a Business to Business (B2B)

Jesse Randall, Founder of DripDrip and Deviant Strategy, is brutally honest in his social media campaigns to earn trust with his audience. This is the worst of Silicon Valley. Everybody wants to find an easy way to learn complex topics. For event organizers, the wild world of Facebook Advertising can be daunting. Simplicity stands out in the noisy echo chambers of social media.

Inbound Marketing + Sales Blog

This is a great example of a simple campaign, with a simple title, simple content and a simple high contrast image to promote it. Video is the talk of the town when it comes to social media marketing in Events provide a great opportunity to capture video. There tend to be interesting backdrops and lots of people to talk to. Without customer testimonials, the content on your site will only get you so far in the buying process. You can only move leads through the funnel if a. They can access your content directly put it in the resource section or in your navigation!

You distribute this content at the right time. Use email, use social media, use them as blog CTAs, use them during sales conversations. Whatever it is, make sure that the right eyes are on your case study to propel them forward in the buying process. Are case studies an integral part of your B2B content marketing strategy?

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We approached KoMarketing with the notion of leveraging its expertise in building better search rankings. Both in our defined critical areas and across the board, KoMarketing has helped us grow our presence.