Creswell guidelines for annotated bibliography

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography - APA Style
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Creswell: chs. APA: ch. Course Requirements Checklist. D Advising Guide Quiz. Creswell: ch.

Research Plan Overview Stage 1. Research Plan Overview Stage 2. Article Critique 1. DB Forum 5.

Research Plan Overview Stage 3. Article Critique 2. DB Forum 6. Research Plan Overview Stage 4. APA: Review pp. DB Forum 7. Field Notes Interviews. Research Prospectus Draft Check. Research Prospectus. ET and ends on Sunday night at p. ET on Friday. Discussion Board Forums 7 : Discussion boards are collaborative learning experiences.

What Does It Take to Write an Essay?

Therefore, the candidate will complete Discussion Board Forums in 2 parts. First, the candidate must submit a thread in response to the provided prompt. Then, the candidate must reply to the threads of 2 classmates. The summaries must follow the format provided in the course and must clearly reflect current APA style and writing.

Research Plan Overviews: Throughout the course, the candidate will build a preliminary research plan that will submitted in 4 different stages. Once completed, this plan will be the template for the final research prospectus. Article Critiques 2 : The candidate will read and critique an article based on the information provided in Chapter 5 and the appendices of the textbook. Both critiques must also follow current APA style and must match the formatting guidelines provided.

Field Notes Interviews: The candidate will practice collecting data in the field through conducting 2 interviews with individuals who have earned a doctorate degree in the field of education. Each interview must be kept at about a 1-hour time limit and must be audio recorded for official transcription, which will be submitted. An interview template is provided with a detailed list of questions.


This limit promotes writing that is thorough yet concise enough to permit your classmates to read all the threads. Each thread must adhere to current APA writing guidelines and any references included in the thread must be formatted in current APA style. Since this is a personal discussion, you are allowed to use first person perspective; however, you must maintain professional decorum in all your submissions. Each thread must be submitted to the appropriate Discussion Board Forum by p. A high-grade essay must be formatted and styled in strict accordance with the requirements. Citations and extracts from various sources must be formatted properly.

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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

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