Old age homes essay in telugu

Avva awards conferred on 12 persons
  1. Old Age Homes Essay In Telugu
  2. Yes, The old age homes are needed.
  3. Old Age Homes Essay In Telugu
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Shalini said that weakening relationship, lack of attachment between children and parents, especially in the wake of the advent of technology and modernisation, were major reasons for the development.

Old Age Homes Essay In Telugu

She said that the increase in the number of old age homes was the result of weakening of the family bonds and because of which grown up children were now hesitant to take care of the ailing parents in their last days. However, the same four children do not take care of their parents. Already have an account?

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Yes, The old age homes are needed.

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Old Age Homes Essay In Telugu

So the only supporting agent for them are these old age homes. And my opinion to this argument is a' YES'. We know that old house are good and the are very strong. While our morden Houses are their for the sake of fashion.

Old age - Wikipedia

All old house were same but there were manthing to understand from so no just to the sake of enjoy ment morden Houses are necessary but old house are good. Whats the formula for midpoint of line in coordinate geometry I am in need of this shit crap and I can't study for shit hi my name is denz randy I lovee u looking at the viper Btw Im adithya sen and I like zoya thabassum af she seksi and bootiful I want bobs and vegana and bitch lasagna.

It is because we cannot spend quality time with our parents nor we can give attention to them. So in fact they are needed as they can spend time with others of same generation which is not possible in our homes.


And in emergency situations they can get help too. Children in working careers don't get time to pay attention to them or unable to fulfil their desires. So old age homes act as a hostel or a second home to them. The money we spend for them will be useless but if it is spended in old age homes it will not only benefit our parents but others too. So old age homes are necessary. Bcz people are busy with their jobs and all. They are only thinking about needs.

Nowadays we can see so many old age homes are there in our state itself. It is because of the bad mindset of modern citizens. Their sons n daughters are not interested in taking care of their parents. Senior citizens require more care and affection in order to deal with age factor. As everyone is quite busy in their lives and have less time to spend with the seniors, They can feel lonely and neglected.

In this case, Old age care or home care is the best solution. I think old age homes are very much needed. It is not because only that new generation has forgotten their parents because many couples have no children we must think about them, They depends upon such type of homes, Some remained unmarried in throught their lives what about them?

Children who dwell in abroad for their carrier they are also helpless they are not doing it deliberately but they are helpless in this concern. Most of the older parents also like to live seperately inspite of living with their children. They have spent their whole life time for us and its our responsibility to care for them in turn.. We are now busy in work at high position because of them.. If they have'nt spent money for us we can't have this life now..

If we care for our parents now then only our children will care for us..

Old age homes essay in telugu

If you keep the old people in the old age home it would not be good because if you keep them in the old age your children would also feel that old peoples are not necessary at home and like you keep your parents in the old age home one day after a few years at this stage would come to you also and that time you had also keep your parents in old age home so your children would also keep you in the old age homes.

We must care for parents who cared for us They have spent their whole life time for us and its our responsibility to care for them in turn. We are now busy in work at high position because of them. If they have'nt spent money for us we can't have this life now. If we care for our parents now then only our children will care for us. No there should be no old age homes because it is the responsibility of the children to take care of their parents not others such as old age age homes.

The parents who remain stand for us throughout there lives what we did to them when thy are old we simpily admit them to oldage home. This is not fair. They worked for us day and night that one day we will become a successful person in our life but what we did when we became a successful person we simpily give time to other things but not to them those made us like this that we stand in a respectful place in society, Our parents.

Our parents do have a desire to live with us, Give us time, Share their experience with us.

Special Story On Old Age Homes In Khammam District - V6 News

Please let them get their right. As we have parents our kids do have parents those are we.

There should be connectivity of our kids with their grandparents so that they would be able to get moral values which may we would miss. I strongly feel that there should not be old age homes and always remember one thing as your parents get old so as you will, Then if your kids send you to old age homes then those would be your values. If there are no old age homes then old people will file cases to get the wealth stolen by their children back and government takes serious actions on people who leave their parent homeless.

Parents will let their children notice their hardwork and they will make their children know that what they do to their parents they will get the same thing back from their children. Imagine they put you in a hostel. How would u feel? Won't you miss them? They're humans too. They get diseases due to the felling of loneliness.

Police who say they can't live without their lover. Could u be born without your parents? Respect them. People who leave their parents at old age homes have a special place reserved in hell.